Friday, 19 April 2013

China Glaze Creative Fantasy Review

Please excuse the bad picture, it was from my phone as I didn't have my camera with me at my sisters.

This review is for the China Glaze Creative Fantasy polish which you can buy for just under £5 here.

I went to my sister's on Wednesday and whilst waiting for her to come home I raided her nail varnish collection, she does have rather a lot of polishes so picking one out can take some time, but eventually I picked the Creative Fantasy polish because it was such a pretty shade of purple.

I think I ended up putting four coats of this polish on the nails to get it to be some-what opaque but it definitely could have done with another coat, only at this point I was bored, fed up and my nails were taking forever to dry. So much so that even a while after I'd finished with the last layer of polish, I still managed to smudge the polish off my nail.

Definitely disappointed in this product, it has so much potential but no one has the time to wait forever for their polish to dry - or put on 4+ coats of polish to get to the colour you want. 


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  1. You could have used one of my fast drying top coats x x x


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